DM US @bountybodega on Instagram for the discount code


1st order purchased - ☑️

20% discounted from 2nd order

10% discounted from 3rd order

Additional mystery item worth +30% of 4th order
20% discounted from 5th order

Buy 1 get 1 half price (discount applies to the cheapest item) with 6th order

10% discounted from 7th order

GBP 150 store credit discounted from 8th order


Offers can be claimed on any item.

To achieve the GBP 150 store credit you must have an average order of GBP 75 (without discounts) across previous purchases.

No blatant resellers (selling items on due to sizing and style is accepted).

You can claim certain deals across orders if our current stock doesn’t suit.

Loyalty card given after first purchase - to save resources we will only send 1 at the beginning and keep track of order quantities per buyer. Therefore you can tick offers off yourself.
Let us know your size/preferences for the mystery item
Once all offers have been claimed we will send another one out.

Finally, please do not hesitate to contact us regarding queries or offers.

Love ❤️